Monday, April 15, 2013

Clothing Shazam-Like App?

Have you ever walked passed someone who was wearing an item of clothing you absolutely loved and had to have? Do you dare to go ask the stranger with excellent fashion sense as to where they got that jacket or that blouse? Well, I wouldn’t, all I can master up courage for is to snap a mental picture of that item in hopes of finding it later online, but chances are I will never find it. This happens to me quite often, especially while watching TV, and I can’t help but wish that there was an app for that…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just point your phone at a person who’s outfit you like (as if you were about to take a picture) and your phone told you were the entire item came from? For example, imagine yourself watching a movie, when all of a sudden you see your dream jacket on one of the actresses – then you quickly grab your phone, position it over the screen and open this magical app that automatically tells you what store the said jacket could be bought from. Not only that, you also find out that the jacket costs $399.99 and it is still available in your size and now all you have to do (granted you have that kind of cash sitting around) is press an “order” button and just like that the item is shipped to you. Here is an example of how I think the app should/would work.

To make something like this work, all items of clothing would have to have some sort of “scanable” code system, which could be read from a far by a cell phone. Also, that means that any item you buy will also have such technology so anything you do own and have ever bough can be “scanned” in a matter of seconds, which is a thought that could freak some people out. However, all I am talking about is a simple fashion app that I would like to have active on my phone immediately so I wouldn’t have to waste any more time shopping around for a similar something that I saw on someone last week… 

Of course, such technology is not available to us yet, but it is very possible that one day it will be and when that day comes I truly hope I am rich enough to not acquire an extremely large debt through this oh-so-convenient app.  

I wonder what you think - Is this app idea too far out there and will never be feasible? Or is such technology right around the corner?


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