Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Source Of Free Images

When I started this blog, I knew I will have to use some images, but since I am trying to keep myself anonymous I couldn’t use any of my original photography. I really didn’t want to pay a ton of money to an image stock website since I am not making any money from this blog and I absolutely don’t want to get in trouble by using images from Google, as in other people’s images. Luckily, after some research I discovered this lovely website called “Pixabay”, where all images are free and can be used in any way you please, which is awesome. They have a pretty large selection and I haven’t felt like I couldn’t find a picture to represent my thoughts of a particular blog post yet. So if you are looking for a great resource to add to your blog’s overall design and feel, I suggest you check out Pixabay. Of course original photography is always best, but it is not an option for everyone. Yet it’s better to use stock photography than to steal other people’s work – don’t do it, there are better options out there.

Your turn: Where do you get the images for your blog/site these days?


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