Not even sure where to begin… I apologize in advance for keeping my identity on the “hush-hush”, I would be happy to tell you all about me and show myself, however, at the moment I just can’t do that. The major reason is a somewhat unreasonable boyfriend, who believes that I should not have myself plastered all over the internet with my personal life in boot. On the other hand, I also would like to write about my current relationship here and if he knows about this blog I will not be able to do so. Our relationship is rocky as is and I don’t want to create another something to fight over, so for the time being I’ll be known as the “Lazy Little Lion” and perhaps “Julls”. If you ever do see this blog’s author identity publically revealed, your guess will be correct – I have rejoined the singles circles. 

     I do have another blog, which doesn’t fall into the category of personal journaling. Chances are you have seen it around BBN or other social networks, so if you do guess my “secret” identity please don’t announce it publically, just e-mail me and I will be happy to confirm or deny.

     This is possibly the most inadequate way to try and make friends in the blogging world, yet it is the only way I can do so at the moment and truly hope that I am not judged too harshly for this decision, or rather indecision. I do admire those of you who can share your personal lives freely with the world for your courage to so, unfortunately, life has taught me to be more private and keep to my own two cents. Ironically, I am very opinionated, so it is often difficult to keep my thoughts to myself, as you will see throughout my writing.

     What do I hope to get out of this blog? Well, I would love to meet new people and step out of my comfort zone little by little. Also, I hope this blogging process helps me develop a happy middle ground between who I am and who I was told I should be. Hopefully, blogging will allow me to expand my horizons, learn new ideas, make new friends and show me that there is a better world out there somewhere…

Contact me:  thelazylittlelion@gmail.com


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