Sunday, March 31, 2013

Facebook - to hate or not to hate?

I hate Facebook! Really, I do. At first it was this great way to stay in contact with people from “back in the day”, but now it is a constant reminder of me failing at life. Of course, I don’t blame Facebook for that, it’s just life was so much easier before everyone knew everyone’s business. Why not just delete my account, you say? Well, I have a lot of family overseas and Facebook is a great way for them to see pictures I upload so they can know what’s happening in my life. However, besides the family there are a 100 other people on my friend’s list and I am only friends with maybe 5 of them. The rest of the “friends” are people who I just feel it would   be socially unacceptable to delete. (Sigh)
Every time I log in, I get an instant reminder of how happy everyone else is and how miserable I actually am. Wasn’t life so much simpler back when we didn’t have to constantly see the happy faces of our childhood friends getting engaged, married, having babies and buying houses? I am surprised there isn’t much research to say that social media is the cause of the increase in depression and the use of relevant medications. Maybe this is part of the reason people seemed so much happier before the new millennium, before the internet and the viral world – kids played outside, pictures were printed and shared in person, when everyone from your childhood had no idea what your life became after high school graduation and how much less competition you felt all around you. Maybe it’s just me and everyone else is really as happy as they are on the pages of Facebook?

I probably sound like a 40 year old crazy and bitter cat lady. Well, I am not there yet, maybe a little crazy, maybe somewhat bitter, but I am not 40 and I do not have any cats. I am soon to be 30, which is probably the reason for me feeling all that pressure to show “success” in all parts of my life and since it’s not on Facebook for everyone to comment on, then it must be the case – I am failing at life and everyone I know knows about it. 

Do you ever feel this way about social media? Do you miss the days when your life was still private and only those people really close to you knew your business? Or is it just me?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Second Chances

There must be something off with analytics for Blogger, because I highly doubt that my one lonely little post was viewed 39 times since yesterday. I actually had a dream that the same post had 10 comments when I woke up, but at least I knew I was dreaming. These 39 visits are a mystery to me and my best guess is that I have been visited by a robot, well at least a robot likes me, that’s a plus.

Turns out, blogger is SO much easier to use than WordPress, or maybe it just seems to me that way after I battled the latter monster. Initially, I had no idea what a post was, so you can imagine how much of a beginner I truly was. However, I don’t regret putting in the time to learn WP since I really do enjoy making “websites” and watching them grow little by little.

As far as my post’s tittle “Second Chances” (in case you were wondering) – this is something I have been thinking about a lot lately and the conclusion I keep coming to is that nothing good ever comes from second chances. There are exceptions of course, but mostly it’s a bad idea, don’t do it. I have learned this lesson time and time again, especially when it comes to men and it’s just not worth it. I strongly believe that people don’t change, at the core that is – a bad person, will not grow into a good one and if you do see that happening there are two reasons:

  1. A bad person began acting like a good one, but sooner or later they will revert back and it’s not a matter of “if” but of “when”.
  2. A good person was pretending to be bad, but eventually got tired of it and went back to being him/herself.

So don’t let them fool you and don’t fool yourself, people don’t change. They do, however, learn to be better actors, users and liars. Just like the beloved Dr. House said “everybody lies”, so be careful out there and watch out of those sneaky people asking for second chances, because if you don’t learn to protect yourself – you are in for a world of hurt and I really hate when people are hurting so please don’t hurt me by hurting yourself.

Thank you in advance :)

New Beginnings

I must admit, starring at a blank page is truly terrifying, however, this must be done, so let's be brave. The alternative is me loosing my mind and I am not okay with that happening as of yet. Thus, let's begin...

I am very new to Blogger, but I do have a WordPress self-hosted blog, yet I do not want this blog to be about that blog. What I really need is for this one to remain anonymous more or less, because I need an outlet to my daily life and I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings while I am venting - why should others suffer in the moment of my weakness, right?

Keeping my identity hidden is probably not the best strategy for a successful blog, but it is not my intention to profit from this venture, so if you do ever see an ad on this blog, please know that despite all odds this bloggie is getting traffic and I am also completely broke. Let's just hope that it never happens (the second part I mean), so I won't have to plaster the same ad (that you see on every page you open) here as well. These "smart" ads are something though, 2 years ago I was in search of a new set of fine dining ware for a party I was hosting and ever since then, every web site I go to shows me advertisements for plates, fine china and dining sets. How many do they think I need?? Therefore, I plan to provide ad free environment on this blog for as long as I can.

Also, I should mention that regular posts are guaranteed, full honesty will be provided, life experience will be shared and I will be myself, more-so even than I can be on my other blog. I am hoping to make friends and built a community here, because I am seriously lacking a sense of togetherness in my life and would love to reestablish some lost faith in humanity and the world.

Now, will you join me?


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