Monday, April 29, 2013

Failed 5-for-5 Challenge

It's been a week since I joined the 5-for-5 weekly challenge, where I post 5 tasks to be accomplished through the week and then try to complete the goal. Well, guess what? I failed miserably... Why, you ask? Let me give you some excuses...

First of all, I am in the last 2 weeks of school so I have finals and those come first, as I am trying to maintain my 4.0 GPA. Second of all, the weekend automatically cancels out any possible "to-do" things, mostly because my boyfriend needs to go out or he begins to go crazy sitting in 4 walls. And the last excuse, the whole week I felt "blah" and had a very hard time staying focused on anything, especial some of my lists.

So let's re-cap, last week I said I will do the following:

1. Comment on 5 blogs per day 
2. Apply to 5 new jobs per day
3. Go to sleep at a normal hour
4. Complete the group project in psych class
5. Start making flash cards for the finals (booo) 

 And here is the result:

1. I did comment on some blogs but according to my records it was only 5 blogs, so I owe myself 25 comments.
2. This goal completely went out the window due to finals, along with # 3.
4. I actually did complete the group project, but I am still waiting on 3 people to send me their parts of the presentation I can't put this project to bed yet. We present in 2 days...
5. Flash cards are being bumped to next week, due to an English class that requires 2 essays from me by the 7th of May.

New List (for this week):

1. Write 2 English papers. (One of them has to be written from a flea's point of view... huh??)
2. Complete the presentation.
3. Start preparing for the psych final.
4. Find something to wear for Saturday (attending bf's friend's birthday party).
5. Post on my other blog (it's been 2 weeks already - ouch!)

 How did everyone else do this week with their to-do lists? Do you have finals as well? Are they getting in the way of everything else you have to do?


D said...
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D said...

your new list might be a little more realistic, no? because number 1,2,3 from the first list would've been hard for anyone!

for me, there are always so many things that get in the way! i'm thinking about purchasing '168 hours' by Laura Vanderkam to learn how to divide my time better.. maybe then i'll finally learn ;)

good luck with everything this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow these are some tough targets but well done on setting some :)

I have just come back from holidays ...; my target is to try and focus at work :(

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