Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Five-For-Five Challenge

OK, so I joined the 5-for-5 challenge to see if I can force myself to stay on top of my weekly goals. The only way I can keep my life organized is lists, lists, lists. I actually have a little notebook full of running lists – school list, work list, this blog list, other blog list, personal to do list, shopping list and so on. I am now starting to think that I need to dedicate an hour per day to getting at least one of the “to-do” things of my list because the lists are only getting longer.


This is my list for this week:

1. Comment on 5 blogs per day 
2. Apply to 5 new jobs per day
3. Go to sleep at a normal hour
4. Complete the group project in psych class
5. Start making flash cards for the finals (booo)

Well, that should do it for now :) 

To read more about this challenge go to: five-for-five

What are some of the tasks you are having a hard time staying on top of?


The Style Mermaid said...

I love lists! They keep me organized as well. From chores, to schedule, to groceries.

Some tasks? Going to work early. I'm always 5-10 minutes late. :(

D said...

haha, same here! sometimes making lists takes more time than doing the things on them. it's fun though, i love marking things as 'done' :D

good luck with your challenge!

Lazy Little Lion said...

The Style Mermaid - getting to work early should definitely be one of mine as well. I'll put it on the next list :)

D - Thanks! I crossed off some things of my lists yesterday and it felt pretty good, can't wait to finish all of it :)

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